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The history of our company dates back to the 1960s, when WSK, and then PZL Hydral, manufacturers of power hydraulic components.

Rear disc brake calipers have been our core product since 1972. Ever since, we have been serving the automotive industry, supplying key brake components. In the 1990s the company reached two milestones: we were awarded ISO 9001 and we started cooperation with a European and global brake industry leader. In 2001 the company was renamed EBCC (European Brakes and Chassis Components). In 2002 we achieved ISO TS 16949, awarded to highly specialized automotive suppliers meeting strict production standards. In the years that followed we gained ISO 14 001 certification, awarded to companies that meet the highest environmental standards.

We cooperate with all leading brake manufacturers – all of the top ten of the TOP 100 Automotive Suppliers. Our annual output is over 8000 tons of aluminium. As well as rear disc brake calipers, our product base includes brake pumps and front brake calliper castings, used mainly in premium class vehicles. In addition to a casting capability, we operate a machining shop with specialist CNC machines. Due to their versatility, we can take orders for other products, not coming from our foundry shop.

The company is based in Wrocław, a city located in the very heart of Europe, with motorway links to our clients in Western Europe and other parts of the continent.


Interesting facts about EBCC

Our products are used in cars made throughout Europe by leading car makers such as

Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Skoda, Seat, Toyota, Volkswagen.

Did you know?

We are friendly and safe for the environment


Our partners

EBCC Sp. z o.o.

54-215 Wrocław, ul. Bystrzycka 89

secretary office: tel. +48 71 78 46 101, e-mail: ebcc@ebcc.pl

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